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Taxis, bikes & buses

Private Transportation / Taxis

For air conditioned comfort consider hiring a taxi to drive you around the island. Prices are based on distance, time and number of people, so please ask at reception for the cost for your group. A favorite of our guests is the full-day tour of Ometepe where you’re picked up at 8 am and taken to 3 or 4 sites before returning to Soma in the evening. It’s a great way to see the island in secure comfort!

One-way rates are also available if you plan to stay on other parts of the island.

Bicycle Hire

Hospedaje Soma has a small fleet of bicycles available for hire for $1 per hour. Bikes are perfect for short trips to la Punta Jesus Maria to catch a magnificent sunset, or for a further trip to explore the Charco Verde Nature Park. Chat with reception to rent a bike and to get a map of the best places to go.

Taking the Bus

Buses leave the ferry terminal approximately every hour from 5:20 AM until 5:45 PM, Monday through Saturday. THERE IS NO BUS SERVICE ON SUNDAYS. Buses usually follow the ferry schedule and leave at roughly 20 minutes after the hour, but often wait for the ferry to arrive before departing.

All buses labeled “Altagracia” travel from Moyogalpa to Altagracia (C$26) and will stop at all the villages and tourist sites (La Punta Jesús María, Charco Verde, etc.) along the way.

Buses to MÉRIDA: Catch the 9:20, 14:20 or 16:20 bus at the ferry terminal. These buses will go to Altagracia (where there is a roughly 20 minute stop) then continue on to Mérida. The last bus back to Altagracia / Moyogalpa leaves Mérida at 15:00.

Buses to BALGÜE: Catch the 8:20 (not always reliable!), 10:20 or 15:20 bus at the ferry terminal and take the bus to Altagracia (where there is a 20 minute stop) before the bus continues on to Balgüe. The last bus back to Altagracia / Moyogalpa leaves Balgüe at 14:00.

Return to MOYOGALPA: If you are returning to Moyogalpa by bus, the last RELIABLE bus leaves Altagracia at 16:10. If you miss this bus coming back, your only transport option is a pricey taxi ride ($15-25).

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