Private Transport / Island Tour
One of the best ways to see the Island is by doing a private tour of Ometepe. We can arrange a private vehicle for you and your group to pick you up and Soma and visit up to 4 island attractions before returning you to Soma in the evening. Rates for private transport start at $60 US per day and are based on distance, time and the number of people. An English speaking guide can also be arranged at the rate of $40 per day.

One-way taxi fares
If you are only travelling one way on the Island, these are the rates. Double the rates for return trips.

Moyogalpa Ferry Terminal: $2.00 – 5.00 (5 min.)
La Punta Jesus Maria: $8.00 (15 min.)
Charco Verde: $15.00 (25 min.)
Altagracia: $25.00 (1 hour)
Playa Santo Domingo: $25.00 (1 hour)
Santa Cruz: $30.00 (1h 15 min.)
Balgüe: $35.00 (1h 30 min.)
Merida: $35.00 (1h 30 min.)
San Ramon: $40.00 (2 hours)

Collectivo Taxis and Shuttles
There are always transport touts meeting each ferry who are happy (and eager) to assist you with arranging shared taxis (collectivos) or shuttles to other parts of the island.

There are “travel agents” that work out of kiosks at the San Jorge ferry terminal who will encourage you to use their services for transportation/tours on Ometepe. Due to the many complaints we have had about these operators, we advise waiting to get to Ometepe to arrange transportation / tours or book in advance through Hospedaje Soma.