Flight Information

Please note that La Costeña Airlines has suspended flights to and from Ometepe. We will update this page once flights resume.

La Costeña Airlines (lacostena.online.com.ni) operates flights to and from Ometepe on Thursdays and Sundays. The flight is a neat one. It originates in Managua and makes quick stops in Ometepe, San Carlos and Greytown (final stop). Then it turns around and goes back through San Carlos and Ometepe to Managua.

The last time we checked the website, the fare from Ometepe to Managua was $80 + fees and taxes = $98 USD, but the flight fares are widely variable. Check-in time for your flight is at least 1.5 hours before its scheduled departure time.

Managua (MGA)12:00Ometepe (OMT)12:20
Ometepe (OMT)12:30San Carlos (SCA)12:45
San Carlos (SCA)12:55Greytown (SJN)13:25
Greytown (SJN)13:35San Carlos (SCA)14:05
San Carlos (SCA)14:15Ometepe (OMT)14:35
Ometepe (OMT)14:45Managua (MGA)15:05