Ferry Information

From May 25th, the Ometepe ferry companies announced a reduced crossing schedule. All ferries leave from San Jorge, on the mainland, but some travel to Moyogalpa and others travel to San Jose del Sur. Both towns are on Ometepe.

San Jorge to Moyogalpa

Monday to Saturday

7:00 am (El Che Guevara)
8:30 am (Arcia Ferry)
10:30 am (Arcia Ferry)
12:30 pm (Santa Martha lancha)
1:30 pm (Cacique Nicarao)
2:30 pm (Arcia Ferry)
5:00 pm (Santa Martha lancha)
5:45 pm (Arcia Ferry)

Sunday Schedule

7:00 am (El Che Guevara)
8:30 am (Arcia Ferry)
2:30 pm (Arcia Ferry)
5:45 pm (Arcia Ferry)

Moyogalpa to San Jorge

Monday to Saturday

5:30 am (Cacique Nicarao)
6:00 am (Arcia Ferry)
7:00 am (Santa Martha lancha)
9:10 am (Arcia Ferry)
11:30 am (El Che Guevara)
12:30 pm (Arcia Ferry)
4:00 pm (Arcia Ferry)

Sunday Schedule

7:00 am (Arcia Ferry)
11:30 am (El Che Guevara)
12:30 pm (Arcia Ferry)
16:00 pm (Arcia Ferry)

San Jose del Sur to San Jorge

Schedule-7 days a week

7:30 am (El Rey del Cocibolca)
8:30 am (Gran Sultana)
3:20 pm (El Rey del Cocibolca)

San Jorge to San Jose del Sur

Schedule-7 days a week

10:30 am (El Rey del Cocibolca)
11:30 am (Gran Sultana)
5:00 pm (El Rey del Cocibolca)

Getting from the port to Hospedaje Soma

Hospedaje Soma is a 10-15 minute walk from the port in Moyogalpa, located about 250 m down the road from the Sports Complex (currently under construction). Our location is correct on both Maps.me and Google Maps if you need help with directions.

If you’d prefer to skip the walk, catch a tuk-tuk (moto-taxi) at the port to Hospedaje Soma. The normal cost for the ride is 50 córdoba.

For larger groups, car taxis are usually available at the port as well. The cost for a car taxi should be $5 USD.

General Ferry Information

Ferries to Ometepe leave from the port town of San Jorge, near Rivas. The crossings to Moyogalpa take roughly 60 minutes.

There are two types of ferries: car ferries and boats (lanchas). The car ferries are the most comfortable and are especially recommended for people who are prone to seasickness. The Santa Martha is the oldest of the vessels and is quite topsy-turvy, so we recommend avoiding her if possible.

Ferries run every day of the year, but there are reduced crossings on Sundays and holidays. An asterix (*) indicates a ferry that runs on Sundays and holidays. For various other reasons, occasional crossings may be cancelled. If that is the case, just take the next available boat. Ticket prices listed below are in córdoba. Children 5 and under travel for free.

The San Jorge Port Authority charges a $1.00USD “tourist tax” which you pay to enter the port area. Keep your receipt as you may be asked to show it when entering the docking area. Helpers will point you to the correct ticket counter to purchase your ferry ticket.

Reservations are not needed for foot passengers. Once you have your ticket, proceed to your ferry. You will need to fill out a manifest list with your name and passport number before boarding.

Due to complaints of over-charging by tourist touts in San Jorge, we recommend waiting until you get to Ometepe to arrange for tours and rentals to ensure you are not paying too much for the service.

Ferries to San José del Sur

There are two ports on Ometepe–one in Moyogalpa (the above schedule) and one in San José del Sur.  If you are coming to Hospedaje Soma, take a ferry to Moyogalpa, as San José del Sur is a 20-minute drive away.
If you wish to travel to San José del Sur, ferries leave San Jorge at 9:30 and 17:00 and lanchas (wooden boats) depart at 10:00 and 16:30. From San José del Sur to San Jorge, car ferries depart at 7:30 and 15:20 and the lancha runs at 5:40 and 13:00.

Note: In previous years there was ferry service from Granada to Ometepe. However, as of 2016, this service has been cancelled indefinitely. The only ferries to Ometepe leave from San Jorge.

Bringing a Car to Ometepe

If you are bringing a car to Ometepe, it is recommended that you make a reservation. All reservations are taken by phone (Spanish only!) and no deposit is needed. If you are staying at Hospedaje Soma, we can make your reservation for you. Ferry Reservation Request Form.If you are staying at another hotel, contact them to assist you in making your reservation.

When bringing a vehicle, you must be at the port at least 45 minutes in advance of your booking time or risk losing your reservation. In slow season you can usually just show up at the port and catch the next available ferry. The cost is around $15 each way, depending on the size of your vehicle. (Plus passenger tickets). If you can’t get a reservation, there is 24-hour secure parking at the ferry terminal in San Jorge where you can leave your car for the duration of your stay on Ometepe for about $5 per day.

Phone Numbers for Car Reservations

Reservations for the Che Guevara: 2569 4116 or 2563-4779
Reservations for the Ometepe 1 and Ometepe 3: 8966-4983 or 2569-4284
Reservations for the Cacique Nicarao: 8544-4756 (San Jorge) or 5708-4297 or 8903-9770 (Moyogalpa)

Reservations for the Rey de Colcibolca (out of San Jose del Sur–not Moyogalpa!): 8691-3669.

Please remember which ferry you have your reservation for and make sure to take that ferry. Port workers will sometimes try to put tourist cars on different ferries, especially if you are early. But please wait for your reserved ferry.

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